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Online Reputation with ReviewPro

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Hotel’s Online Reputation by ReviewPro

While the thought of people openly reviewing your hotel in a place as public as the internet may be scary at first, we highly encourage you to see online reviews as an opportunity. The potential of online reviews on sales becomes very clear when Jennifer Davies, senior content manager at Expedia, explains: “On, good reviews of 4.0 or 5.0 generate more than double the conversion of a review of 1.0 – 2.9.”


In another interview, Expedia’s VP of Supply Strategy and Analysis, Brian Ferguson, shared that a 1-point increase in a review score (on a 5 point scale) equates to a 9% increase in average daily rate (ADR).

Considering so many hotels are still struggling to recover from the crisis and have no more cost cutting options available, identifying measures that can increase conversion rates and increase ADR are critical to any hotel’s business. By proactively managing your online reputation and using the feedback from online reviews to increase guest satisfaction, you can achieve both an increase in conversion rate as well as increase your revenue in a sustainable way.


So what should hoteliers do to improve their online reputation? Here are 5 basic tips that will help you get started:

Create a remarkable guest experience. Ensuring a great guest experience is the single best way to earn great online reviews. Little things can often make a big difference. A basic three star hotel in Berlin puts a free bottle of a typical local beer in every guest room at arrival. This is an unexpected touch that gets guests talking and will be remembered.

Make sure you have a regular stream of fresh reviews that mention recent stays at your hotel. Often times, guests base their decision solely on recently posted reviews. Similarly, many review sites look at the volume of fresh reviews as one of their hotel ranking criteria.

Focus on getting a large number of good but honest reviews, rather than a few glowing reviews. People will look at the overall picture, and are more likely to trust you if many people liked you than if a handful of people absolutely loved you.

Do not write your own reviews, people will spot them. Not only will you lose the business of the person who spotted the fake review, you may also get reported. This would immediately ruin the credibility of any positive reviews you were given.

Reply to negative reviews. They will seem a lot less negative to potential future guests if you show you are listening to feedback and are working on fixing things.


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