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Pinterest – a new social media opportunity for Hotels

Everyone is talking about it and more and more companies are getting familiar with this new Social Media. Pinterest became one of the “top 10 social networks” in a very short period of time and it is getting more popular every minute.

What is Pinterest? It is a virtual place where anyone can organize and share uploaded or online images that one finds interesting or inspiring. Those so called “Pins” can be ordered onto themed Boards and the possibilities for topics are endless.

Who is the Audience? The main audience on Pinterest are women (a 80% to 20% ratio) which is why Pinterest is also called the “Tumblr for ladies”. Keep in mind that their influence on driving product loyalty and purchases is very high.

How to use Pinterest? All the uploaded images can be linked to your website which means that you are automatically promoting it with pictures only. But don’t stop there: use Boards for promotions, contests, a Board featuring the staff, certain guest events and whatever else you can think of to make your audience participate actively. EVEN MORE: connect your Promotional package picture directly with your booking engine to boost sales!

What SEO has to do with it? Through linking your website with Pinterest, it is boosted on Google. But you should not forget to name your pictures so that Google finds them better.

What else? Apart from images you can also upload videos of the destination, your hotel, rooms, events… And did we mention that all this marketing is FREE?