Revenue Management System         

Using Phobs feels like it was designed by colleagues from the travel industry - for colleagues in the travel industry. It features a great deal of options, and compared to our previous software the results are off the charts!

Revenue Management Tools 

Web Booking Engine

PHOBS Web Booking Engine supports reservations with an unlimited number of rooms per reservation, board reductions and supplements, arrival and departure transfers. Extra services such as wellness packages, local excursions, meeting room rentals, flowers and champagne in room are available to the client.

Hotel Channel Manager

PHOBS Channel Manager allows hoteliers manage their rates and inventory with 1 click, control and easy update last room prices whitout overbooking.

Meta Search Hub

Metasearch Hub, Connecting with Google Hotel Ads, Skyscanner, Trivago and Tripconnect Services, Distrubuting Hotel Web Site Prices on various platforms, increases Official Web Site Traffic and Direct Bookings from Hotel Official Websites, reduce commission payments.

Rezz App

Rezz App Solution helps hoteliers to generate demand to revenue, with offering best available rates, real time inventory, very flexible offers, and special services.